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Welcome to Out of Darkness Counseling

We all find ourselves in dark places at time in our lives. This is a part of life. What is important is that we do not stay living in the dark. Sometimes we need help to break out of the darkness in our lives and minds. I am eager and willing to assist you in finding light and peace again. Mental health therapy can help you learn to manage symptoms, improve resilience, and build healthy relationships with yourself and those around you.


Whether you have struggled recent loss, anxiety, past trauma, low self-esteem, or just find yourself feeling a bit lost and alone in life, there is hope. Dark times in life often are the result of lost or broken relationships. Having a safe place to come, feel connected, and understood is the first step toward wholeness. I would welcome the opportunity to be a part of this with you.

You will find a safe and welcoming space where you are allowed to be yourself while building skills to cope with life's challenges. Come as you are. Be heard. Be accepted.


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